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    Needle Valves Screwed Bonnet
    (Female x Female)

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Working Pressure:

    • 6000 psi (414 bar) at 100°F (38°C)

    • 10,000 psi (690 bar) at 100°F (38°C)

  • Working Temperature Range:

    • From -65°F (-54°C) to 464°F (240°C)

    • Extended Temperature Range:

    • From -65°F (-54°C) to 842°F (450°C)

  • Adjustable PTFE packings for enhanced valve lifespan

  • Stem threads feature a rolled and lubricated design to prevent galling and minimize operating torque

  • Optional sour gas service compliant with NACE Mr0175

  • Hydrostatic testing conducted using pure water at 1.5 times the working pressure

  • Rigorously factory-tested

  • Materials Available:

    • A479 304

    • A479 316

    • A182 GRF 316

    • Monel

    • Hastelloy

    • Inconel

    • Duplex

Please note that these specifications should be verified for each specific product, and the provided values are indicative.

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