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Hy-Pro's Barstock Needle Valves and forged valve manifolds are meticulously engineered to deliver peak performance across a wide spectrum of fluids. These valves are designed to handle pressures of up to 6000 psig (414 barg), and upon special request, they can achieve ratings as high as 15,000 psig (1035 bars). They come with a choice of PTFE or Graphoil gland packing, specially tailored for high-temperature applications. Placing the gland packing below the stem thread acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that the process remains isolated from the stem threads. By firmly tightening the upper gland body, we guarantee a perfect seal, effectively eliminating any potential leakage.


  • Optional Stellited trim and nest for high-pressure and high-temperature applications

  • All valves undergo rigorous 100% factory testing

  • NACE-certified wetted parts available

  • Standard bonnet locking pin for added security

  • Suitable for both gaseous and aggressive fluid services

  • T-bar handle with low torque operation

  • Multiple options for materials of construction (MOC) for body, stem, trim, glands, etc.

  • Externally adjustable gland for ease of maintenance

  • Angled version of the valve is available

  • Fire-safe option compliant with API 607, BS 6755 Part 2 (available upon specific request)

  • Precision-engineered rolled and burnished stems at the packing area

  • Non-rotating trim ensures self-centering of the spindle with the orifice for a reliable bubble-tight shutoff

  • Standard PTFE packing, with the option of Graphoil for high-temperature applications

  • Backseat stop spindle to prevent blowouts

  • Protective dust caps included to prevent the ingress of contaminants

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